Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round 3: A little at a time

That's how it's going to have to be. Just a little at a time. If you wanted something badly, and you found out that you could have it, but it would take a very long time taking many long tedious steps to get to it, would you go for it? Or would you give up because it looked too hard?

If your answer was the latter, then you either don't deserve, don't really need or want it, or both. Me? With this particular goal I'm aiming for, I'm going for it. And it will take several excruciatingly long and tedious steps to get it. But it's still mine for the taking.

Anyone who has ever had to edit a video, or compose an effect that involves key frames, knows exactly what this is like. And the bigger picture of trying to create a worth while feature film, is exactly the same, especially when you're DIY on a 0$ budget. Sure we'll raise some money, but that's just to make sure those tedious steps are little less and a little shorter. But the steps are there to take nonetheless.

This is just yet another personal reminder to myself of just exactly how much work needs to be done in order to get this thing right where it needs to be. It's going to be hard, but it has to be, otherwise you're not doing it correctly. I was reminded of all this reading this little snippet from Rob Brezny.

From the window of my office I look down on a blackberry bush whose berries are now ripening. In the last 20 minutes, I've watched a sparrow figure out the best way to feast. At first the bird tried to land on the flimsy branches of the bush, but after a few tries it realized they couldn't hold its weight. Its revised strategy was to grab a single berry in mid-swoop and alight on the branch of a nearby apple tree so it could relax with its meal. It did this 10 times.

Are you willing to collect your reward a little at a time?

Yes I am and I will.

In the meantime here is a sample of what we've accomplished so far with the new equipment. This is pretty much the opposite of what I've just written.

Yeah, how's that for productive?

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