Monday, September 28, 2009

Slow Motion Zombie Hit

Thanks to Richard Gaither I actually got one of the shots I've always wanted to get for Monster Cops. The classic Zombie crawling out of a grave. We've done it a couple of times, but the above clip was the exact shot I was looking for. The right angle of seeing that creature claw out of the soil, then one of the Monster Cops firing a bullet into it's head. It's great when you can finally put together a shot you've had in your head for so long.

We shot this in Richard's backyard. He had put a long piece of plywood on top of two chairs. Cut a hole in the center. Draped some kind of fabric over the hole, then placed soil and shrubbery all over the wood. At the right angle we had a shot of the ground. Have a zombie claw it's way from underneath through the soil covered fabric, and you've got it. We put Brandon on a stool, aiming his prop gun. Richard rigged a tube through the forehead of the zombie mask. He squirted fake blood through the tube as I cued our zombie (Darin Chamberlin) to react and fall over.

In post, using Sony Vegas, I color corrected everything, and utilized brightness and contrast to make the footage pop look wise. On the final angle where the Zombie gets shot, I faked Depth Of Field utilizing a cookie cutter and gausian blur. I also added a bit of a glow, and then rendered everything into 24p HD to give it somewhat of a film look.

This was really fun to put together and I can't wait to utilize some of these tricks for other projects.

Hoping to have two more episodes up before Halloween and few more webisodes. Would love to have enough to put on a DVD and distribute just in time for Christmas. We'll give it our best shot. Might be a great way to help raise some money for Bobby's Closet.

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