Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's a frog

There was a frog on our kitchen window. So I got the camera. Yes, random.


  1. I find it condescending that you've chosen this music for the frog. What if the frog is like a gangsta frog? And its little froggie friends find this on the web and make fun of it? What then, Patrick?

  2. You obviously know nothing about urban amphibious street life. This is what's popular among young professional frogs as well as so called gangsta tadpoles. The movement first began with the first banjo strumming frog, Kermit. Since then lighthearted instrumentals with a folksy jazzy feel have been the preferred theme music to young frog culture.

    You really need to study on your swamp pop culture Alicia. Really, how embarrassing for you.