Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Back Lot

Come on help this guy out. He's got charisma.

This is fairly close to some of the same routes we'll be taking when we start fundraising. His budget is way lower than ours. His is $3,500. And I have every confidence he can make that happen. If the script and story is good and he keeps this kind of drive, he'll do it.

Check out this guy on indiegogo

As for OUR current estimated budget for the feature, we're pretty much at $100,000. We MIGHT be able to pull it off for $73,000. I'm going through the script right now to see what we can cut or modify to get it back down to about 60 to 50,000. But that's later.

Right now I gotta make sure we're prepped for the reading Saturday, and I need to figure out just how many commercials we'll be shooting in the next few weeks. We probably won't get back to shooting Monster Cops til closer to August, but we will see. And I am still working on getting a new Vlog up for as well as getting the first segment done on HHM. I don't know how that project will go now that I'm hip deep in the feature.

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