Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phantasm II

I love it when fate gives you all the signs you need to keep you going. All I can think about lately is THE MOVIE. The feature film I'm going to shoot next. I keep refining the story over and over, and nothing else can get done (raising money, full casting, concept art) until the script is finished completely. It's almost there, trust me.

But as with all things creative, you do hit those stumbling blocks. Thankfully I've got angels on my side, and they like to throw little bits of inspiration at me to keep me going. This time around it was a video uploaded to YouTube. A video of a trailer for a movie that I used to worship.

I love this trailer. The Phantasm movies were a HUGE influence on me. The first one was very dated, very 70's, and a whole lot of fun. Years later into the 80's Phantasm II would finally arrive. This one was whole lot more fun and a much bigger adventure. Gorey at times, of course, but with plenty of action, and dark humor. I mean you just can't beat Reggie "The Ice Cream Man" Bannister. For me, him and his QUADRUPLE BARREL Shotgun are right up there with Freddy and his Glove, or Ash and his Boomstick.

I really love how this trailer starts off, the text, the voice over, and the end scene is great. I really needed to see this entire trailer to help me understand where I'm going with this script. A few holes needed to be plugged and I think this really did it.

I'm going to watch it again, and get back to writing, so we can get to raising money, and we can get to shooting.

Special thanks to BRINGBACKTHEEIGHTIES for posting this. Please check out his channel on YOUTUBE for more great videos and trailers.

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