Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanks Harry

Looks like I may be doing quite a bit of traveling next year. Texas in January then to Washington on the 20th. Atlantic City most likely in March, and then back to Texas in April. If I'm lucky I can add Park City, Utah in January. But since I've missed Park City every year for the past 6 years, why break the streak? If I'm really unlucky I'll be in L.A. before summer for a few weeks. I really don't like L.A. No offense to my L.A. peeps, but you know it just ain't my scene. Great place to visit. As long as it's a short visit. I'll stick around for your sake Beks, but only for production reasons.

I'm not as adventurous when it comes to traveling. Not like I use to be. I think it's mainly because I'm focused on the project at hand, and right now that doesn't really require alot of traveling. I am determined to make as many out of town screenings as possible. Nothing like watching an audience full of strangers watch your work. Something I haven't done since 2001.

I'm on Twitter now. I find it beneficial to rattle off random updates in short form, especially when I'm working on scripts. Right not I'm working on 3 MC episodes, 1 short, and next years Feature Film. Don't even ask me about it cuz it's going to change, it always does. Thankfully I'm not as sick as I was, and I can concentrate more steadily. But in my short bursts of stoppage, I do sound off on Twitter now, or I post here, or on my super secret (but not really) LJ.

I'm also trying to keep up with learning about New Media, how the new PR techniques apply to New Media, and examining different business models. This whole entertainment landscape is changing everyday, especially with regards to the internet as it applies to the DIY Moviemaker. Tell you what, wanna keep up with it yourself, then keep an eye on Scott Kirsner's blog CINEMA TECH as well as Lance Weiler's THE WORKBOOK PROJECT. Both sites that will definitely help you stay ahead of the game, or at least keep up with it.

But no matter what new media I observe, no matter what new marketing, tech, model, idea, strategy, etc. The old adage still applies. If you put on a good enough show, people will surely pay the price of admission. Marketing becomes easier when you've got a good product. It's an easy sell when it's something they wanna see.

So back to writing I go.

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