Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exciting yet Crappy

Exciting because it's going to be a historic day in what is already a historic campaign. It's going to be neat to watch how it all unravels.

Crappy because I'm sick. I've been sicker. But I'm sick enough to not be able to do anything truely productive, yet still not sick enough to not do the day job, of course. It's cool, I heal fast. I was just really looking forward to calling everyone, getting things organized, and get the rest of these shots done for the next two Monster Cops episodes.

Speaking of Monster Cops, apparently Brightcove, the video platform I use to stream video on MONSTERCOPS.COM, will stop there Brightcove.tv platform (which was free), in order to concentrate on their Brightcove Business platform (which is not free). I totally understand this move, and I should have seen it coming, thing is I don't think I can afford to pay for Brightcove just yet. Great timing since I just posted the first Monster Cops episode. Oh and thanks to everyone for their kind comments about the episode, glad you all liked it.

Anyways, it's disappointing because I really love the quality and how easy Brightcove is to use. Oh well. I know their are other video platforms that can be used, just gotta find one that has equal quality and affordability (meaning free.)

Ooh I wonder if PopTent would let me upload a 24 minute short.

All that aside, I urge everyone to go out and rock the frickin vote. Doesn't matter who you vote for, just go and VOTE!!!!

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