Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hard Habit To Break

A multitasking we will go.

Working on a script. Video editing. Designing a website. All at once.

Ok, not that impressive, since I've seen my mother do much more than that all at once. She rocked. Still does.

I don't know why. but I'm just on this huge Chicago kick. Not the musical, the 80's band. Now of course I've always loved Chicago. Grew up on Chicago so this may partially be nostalgia, but lately, I'm just all about some Chicago. I've got "Hard Habit To Break" stuck in my head.

And Marcellus, you're the bomb for rockin some Real Genius on your Myspace. It's one of my favorite movies ever. What can I say I'm all about the 80's.

I am in the midst of solving a problem. Wouldn't you know it, a huge part of solving this problem is in doing exactly what I want to do. Then why am I so hesitant to do it? I remember hearing someone say once, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Maybe I am afraid I'll get exactly what I want. Even worse, what I need.

Naw, I'm just being a general wuss. It's in my nature to over analyze a thing. Especially when that thing may be the key to your future. But hey, over analyzing is a hard habit to break for me. (OOH! Look at me, I made this blog come full circle. This post is like a Love Boat episode.)

But honestly. It always comes back to the same thing. I'm just wasting time trying to do anything else. The best advice is usually the advice you already know. I already know what I need to do.

So here I go.

On a less cryptic and more lighthearted note:

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