Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hang In There Texas

Ike's currently battering my home state. This thing, they say, is almost the size of Texas.

My brother Allan is currently hunkering down in Houston as we speak. 16 miles west of Houston he says. He's my older brother, he's a former Marine, and as long as I've known him he's always been somewhat crazy, but calling him a Marine and then carzy is just redundant.

I text him to make sure he's ok. I ask him if he's along and if he's safe. His response?

I've got Jose Cuervo and Bacardi Gold to keep me company, and Mr. Glock and Smith and Wesson to keep me safe.

That response sounded just like a Marine and certainly just like my brother. I told my wife what he said, and she says, "What is he going to shoot the hurricane?" I think for about 3 seconds before honestly answering, "Probably."

I hope all of my friends and family in Texas are safe. My peeps in DFW should see some pretty good rain and possibly a crap load of Tornadoes, so pretty much a normal September.

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