Monday, September 15, 2008

Dead By Dawn: Zombies Take 1

Back at Northwood Stables for more zombie work. This time around we had a great turn out. Had a ton of zombies and all of them were great to work with. Allow me to share some photos.

These were taken by the amazing and very talented Julie Keels.

Sundown at the Northwood Stables.
Let the make up begin!
Brian Tally, jack of all trades.  Today he is filling in on make up duty.
Assisting Brian, Deanna Kelly.
You go Deanna!
The essence of a movie set.  Pure waiting.
More waiting.
and standing
and joking
Digging through the gear box. Pick your guns people!
Rehearsing formation
Nicole looks like she wants to shoot Brandon in the back.
Patrick, yelling at people
Patrick left.
Trying to figure out the beats, waiting for zombies to finish with make up,
and waiting for the sun to go down.
Brandon attempts to shoot Nicole in the back.
Richard Gaither on the left, Nicole Nastazzio on the right.
Directing zombies, fun.
It's night time
The best part is making them fall.
The cops, waiting to kill.
Directing Nicole.  No Nicole you can't really kill them.
Firing order.
(she spins) BANG!
Ok everyone up!
It's always a good idea to shake hands with your zombies before killing them.
Nicole turns into a zombie.  No wait she's just hugging everyone.
More waiting.
Deanna finishing up on Cat.
How very vogue.
Work it Deana!  Work It!
Some fun shots.  Brandon in constant character, as usual.
Action Brandon
this one cracks me up.  i think it's because of the wagon.
Brandon decides to shoot Camera Chick Julie.
Action Chris!
Quick kill it!
It WON'T DIE!!!!
Lethal Weapon pose.
Alright, All zombies altogether now!
The zombies wait for Patrick to get his crap together.
Richard on the left, Jacob Hauser on the right.
Everyone back in position!!!
Now stand.
Zombies prepare for death.
Honestly, great numbers that night.  Thanks to everyone who showed.
play dead
once more, with feeling.
kill em.
Gotta get that master shot.
The guys pointing out my baldness.
Ok now, die.
Finish em off Jacob!
Brandon went rabid.
Seriously, thank you to everyone who came out and helped.  To all the zombies, to Megan for getting all the signatures, to Brian and Deanna for applying the make up, to Arlanda who although couldn't make it provided the make up, of course to Kelly Emerson and Fam for letting us take over their place yet again, To everyone else for falling down on the grass over and over again mainly because I'm a sadistic bastard and I like to watch you all get injured.  I had a great time, I hope you did too.  I hope there was plenty of drinks, pizza, and cookies (which disappeared in the first hour.)  Of course thanks a bunch to Julie Keels, last time for filling in the Vampire Vixen role, this time around for your amazing photos, it's such a relief having an actual proffesional photographer on set.

Ok  hope to see most of you again for our next few big shoots. 

And thanks to everyone for voting on projectbreakout.  It was a close one, but unfortunately not in the cards.  It's all good though, winning contests, although a nice bonus for Monster Cops, is not part of the overall plan.  But it's nice to know there is much support for MC.  Thanks everyone.

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  1. I'm such a pro that my clients make a new name for it: proffessional. Two f's = Twice the "fuck yeah!" The Three Amigos said it best--"Infamous... He's so famous he's in-famous. This guy must be a huge star!"

    Call anytime you need a stealth photographer in the night