Monday, April 7, 2008

Shoot First Ask Questions Later

Started shooting last week. Here are a few freeze frames from what we've shot so far. Mostly interviews and dialogue scenes. More to come as I get the locations I need.

Cutter about to miss the trash can again.

Greenly being Greenly.

Weir talking about depression and toothpaste.

Windows and Jack talk about Cutter's gun jamming.

Windows offers Jack suckers he made himself.

Jack reacting to Windows telling her he keeps them in his pants.

Nigel and Bryce discuss smiley faces.

Bryce puts a smiley face on Nigel.

The consequence of putting a smiley face on Nigel.

Shooting continues throughout this month and possibly into May. If you are someone I talked to a while back and you expressed interest in helping, and you think you'd never hear from me ever again, be prepared, cuz I'm frickin calling everybody to help me get this done. Yes even YOU.

- Patrick

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  1. what on earth is it going to take for me to get your attention? flash my webcam???? Hey... you need to email me stat, darlin'... there's a WHOLE lotta stuff to catch up on!! Its me... Tiffany... that crazy lady you once knew!! email me at the usual place!!!