Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scene 12

It still blows my mind how something can go from an idea, to the page, and into production. Scene 12 (also known as the Mothman Conversation) was one of the first scene ideas that I would build the rest of the story out of. Scene 12 serves as an introduction to several plot points, introduces the majority of the cast, and sets up jokes for later punchlines. It's the first (and really only) scene that I had rehearsed the first time we had all met, and it's the scene that the majority of the cast is in.

As we were setting up I realized that we were about to put on to tape something that was really only in my head months ago. I was only really able to be excited about it for a few minutes. The rest of the time I was too busy remembering my lines, setting up the shots, and going over the shot list in my phone (that seems to be where I keep all my notes now.)

Solid shoot. Smoother than normal, thanks to the addition of Brian Tally. An experienced behind the scenes man who was on the ball the whole time. Eager to set up, first to start packing up after the scene wrapped. Thanks Brian. And thanks to Seth Tucker for working the boom mic. First time on sound, but an excellent job indeed. No really, I just checked all the sound and it's good.

A big thanks to the cast tonight, Jamie Bertman (thanks for letting us use Katy's Ass), Danielle Motley (A real trooper, walking as many times as she did even if she was in pain), Brandon White (funny as hell), Will Atwood (no one else is Chase), Greg Romeo (hilarious as always, great improv), Nicole Nastazzio (who looks great in camo and shines for the camera), and Chris Plouffe (who not only performed well, but also allowed us to destroy his office, thank you Chris).

It was the first and possibly the last time the whole NC cast would be together (for this episode that is), so that meant taking a whole lot of pictures. Here are a few of em.

It was fun. But now we move on to the other 15 scenes that still need to be shot. OK guys, from the top. ;)

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