Sunday, June 3, 2007

I won't lie

it's a struggle. It's a struggle to be truely independent. To be truely DIY. When it comes to marketing the movie (Monster Cops: The Midnight Special) I assume full responsibility of EVERYTHING. I have to do all of the marketing. The emails, the press releases, the individual press releases tailor made for specific genres, crowds, and publications. Getting the word out about the different screenings, communicating with all the fests, cons, and venues about each screening. Keeping the website updated. And Myspace is a whole other thing by itself. Communicating with people through Myspace, keeping up with bulletins, and advertising on Myspace. I create the fliers, the posters. I mail them out, along with all the Press Kits, and DVD Screener Copies. And all this in between working that day job. I'm trying to do the job of an entire marketing department.

At the same time I'm planning out the next production. What am I doing next? What do I need to do to help supplement the advertising and marketing? Will I be working on a Monster Cops Webisode next or am I going straight into planning on raising funds for the next Monster Cops movie. Part of the marketing agenda is to create video blogs to help let people know just what all this Monster Cops business is about. And here I am scrounging for time to work on that.

There are times I find myself stretched thin. Honestly in these past few weeks especially I'm tearing my hair out. It does get to me. I do look forward to having a budget and being able to pay people to actually show up and do a job. I'm tired of relying on other people and being let down. All of us indies go through it. But I'm starting to feel like I've been through it more times then necessary. I'm ready for professionals. Or at least people that want to be there. People who are as enthused about doing this as I am. And the thing is the people you work with sometimes are enthusiastic, they want it like you do. But when you aren't paying, the bills, the jobs, school, and everything else you aren't providing take precedents. And you can't be mad at them for it, it's just how it is. I should know, I have a day job.

But I'm willing to bust my ass for my vision. And I can't expect other people to bust their ass for my vision. At least not without a paycheck.

Until I can get to that money and that crew, I have to do things on other people's time, and do as much of this MYSELF as possible. Honestly I'm getting cranky not having produced anything in a while, and trailers and origami tutorials don't count. Gotta work on stuff to practice, to hone my chosen craft, and to help with the marketing. So right now in this very post, I promise, by hook or by crook, I will have produced something worth while before this month is over.

But hey, I can't be too down. The movie is available on AMAZON.COM and we are officially listed on

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