Friday, June 8, 2007

DIY Movie Fund Raising: The Internet

Edit 6/10/07

The internet has brought upon the DIY Indie Movie Maker much opportunity. Opportunity to market, distribute, and here lately, opportunities to raise funds. I now share with you some of my research in ways to fund your indie movie. Fair warning, you gotta be prepared. You've gotta have that finished script, you've gotta have a prepared cast and crew list, you've gotta know your budget, how, when, and where you are making this movie, and how you plan on getting it seen and make your money back.

note: I haven't tried any of these sites yet, so proceed with caution. If anyone has tried any of the below listed or have any further info feel free to comment and let me know. Always good to avoid scams. As the great Peter Vincent said on more than one occasion, "Forewarned is forearmed."

Social networking combined with indie funding. They raise money through advertising revenue for indie filmmakers.

Fundable Films
A place where filmmakers can gain monetary support and valuable feedback.

Indie Fliks
Offers accredited investors movie investing opportunities, and the connections that count in the rapidly growing independent movie market.

Movie Money
Bringing filmmakers and investors together. Especially with this one, you're eventually going to be dealing directly with investors, so you better be ready and you better know your shit.

Where people don't just choose the movies to watch, they choose the movies to make.

Examples of movies trying to fund their movies online.

A Million Dollars and a Movie
Buy a square or click on ads and help this guy raise money to make his movie.

The Indywood Project
Another site selling off squares. Llyod Kaufman, Ken Russel, and JR Bookwalter are apparently already attached to the project and looks like they've already sold quite a few squares.

A Swarm Of Angels
A groundbreaking project to create a movie for 1 million and give it away to over 1 million people using the internet and a global community of members.

Fund My Movie
Hey, ya never know.

Please Fund My Film
You know the drill.

Drink Me Pictures
A great way to spend 10 bucks.

Cinema Shares
Buy stock in the movie FUNGI.

Make A Movie Happen
They've raised over $300,000.00

The 1 Second Film
A film anyone can produce for $1.00

I'm posting this as well as the previous post about advertisers funding indies, for my fellow indies but also as a note to myself, because I am about to embark on my own fundraising efforts for a production I am currently finishing up the script for. More details to come.

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