Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I try not to do anything unless I research it to death. And lemme tell ya I think I know more about cable advertising and media buying then I ever wanted to know. All this research is part of the marketing plan. No, no, don't expect to see any Monster Cop commercials anytime soon. But perhaps in the future. Just trying to flesh out every bit of the agenda. You can add on top of all that the current research on guerrilla marketing that I've been brushing up on. I've always been a fan of Jay Conrad Levinson. I feel I've learned much about marketing from all of his books.

I found myself wondering around the book stores and libraries today before going into work. I realized that there was really nothing for me to look for. Most of the research I needed has been online. If it is in book form, I've already read it. After perusing most of Mr. Levinson's teachings, which I had actually read years ago, I realized that there was nothing left to learn. Ok, well that's not true, there is always something to learn. But as far as a book on filmmaking, independent movie making, movie marketing, low budget production, digital production, and DIY distribution? I don't think there is anything left for me to read.

I flipped through the usual mags, Filmmaker, Moviemaker, yadda yadda. Don't get me wrong, great mags they are, but I don't need another article telling me how easy it has become to self distribute. Every article, every book, every piece of paper that had anything to do with movie making or distributing, I had already read, or already knew what it was going to say.

The thing is much of that info is obsolette. I picked up a book on No budget distribution, published just last year, already the data in it was outdated. It is after all January 2007. Technology is moving fast and the opportunities for DIY movie making and distribution are growing faster than can be documented. It's pretty easy to find publications that already have it wrong just weeks after they've been published. It's come down to it. The knowledge has caught up to the present. Nothing in books can prepare me. It's all about the current trends being reported now.

It was just today that I learned of 2 new trends in technology and marketing that will be quite useful for the indie distributor. Hopefully I'll get to utilize them soon. All the old data I've already consumed, and the new stuff I'm keeping an eye on. The preliminary research is over, and it's time to start taking some very big steps. We're most definitely off the map here, and perhaps soon, instead of me reading the news, I'll be making some.

This whole DIY distribution thing is some scary shit.

Ain't it cool?

- P

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