Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Wilhelm Scream

For those of us hardcore movie nerds we know about a little thing called The Wilhelm Scream. If you watch movies in general, then you've heard it and never even knew. Someone uploaded a nice little video compilation on youtube. This is awesome, and I'm fairly upset that I didn't do it first.

Find out what The Wilhelm Scream is here.

Now watch the video.

I had to start laughing the other day because I watched 3 trailers in a row and they all had The Wilhelm Scream in it.

God bless you Ben Burtt for bringing it back through the Star Wars movies.


  1. Hey, thanks for noticing Wilhelm!

    By the way, you'll want to see THIS YouTube video as well, I think.

    Oh, and thanks for the link to my site!

  2. How awesomely cool are you. Thanks for the vid. Bet that was fun. I'm a big fan of Hollywood Lost and Found. I turn to that site often when I need to check my facts about something, and also to learn new things.