Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monster Cops

Been doing alot of prepping for the upcoming productions. Here's a little taste of one of them. I apologize for the low quality, I haven't had a chance to upload to our Brightcove player yet.

Get video codes at Bolt.

What started with The Midnight Special, is now evolving into it's intended form. A series.

That's a very rough cut of the opening intro to each episode. I'm going to get to work on 3 episodes the first of this year. 2 for online debut and 1 for ... well ... we'll talk about that later. Let's just say things are looking up.

That is the theme song. Busted my ass recording that this past week and a half, but I finally nailed the sound I was looking for. I needed something dark but with a bluesy feel. I don't know if that's what you guys can hear out of that, but that there is the sound I've been aiming for. Synthesized pads over a beat designed with Fruity Loops, threw in some very light orchestration in the background, and topped it off with my harmonica, key of C to be exact. Ran the final mix through Acid and it was good to go.

However I would like to make the orchestration a bit heavier and a little more echo to the harmonica. I'll tweak it later. Also need more shots of The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as well as more Monster Sighting Photos and art. Gonna have to make a few calls.

Ok, off to go see how much full S.W.A.T. gear costs and then it's bedtime.

- P

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