Monday, January 31, 2011

Viral Thoughts

Thinking about REDD going viral. I've done the majority of what's on my list, and much of it has worked the way I thought it would. But we are nowhere near Viral. 800 views in a week isn't exactly viral, but I can't really complain when those comments and messages I have received have been so positive. I thank everyone who's watched and done what they can to pass the video along. You all are awesome.

A big part of going viral is having a good video (of course), and since so many folks think it is awesome then I'll just assume for now that we've got that down. Now we have to tap into the other side of social media. I've got it posted on Facebook and everyone I know posting on their Facebooks, as well as Twitter. But now I'm looking to score more views through other sites like DIGG or STUMBLE UPON. Here's a list of the links to some of those sites. You may need to register and log in, but any views, high ratings, good comments, and reposts would be a huge help in getting the video more views.

You may need to register, but all you'd have to do is click the up arrow in the top left corner.

You can log in with your Facebook, may need to quickly create an account. Click like the Heart. Give us an OMG. And like this link on Facebook. Re-tweeting and reposting this link anywhere would be great.

May need to sign up on Stumble Upon. Please click the THUMBS UP and leave a great comment.

If you're on Tumblr, then please re-blog this post.

Give us a rating on Excellent.

In Other REDD news I am in major re-writes for the full length feature film, and I must say, I am really enjoying writing this one. I'm very excited to see this movie made and show it to all of you. It's going to be alot of fun. I'm in a rush to get the full script finished, so I can figure out what the final budget number is for the feature, and then I can figure out how to get that money.


  1. Still passing it out and friends are viewing and liking it!! I've posted your link(s) on 3 forums and in my email signature. Unless I'm seeing things, it says the # of views on YouTube is: 4,718? Best wishes on the script - everything looks super, super amazing - can't wait to show the final to my friend!

    ~ E

  2. Thanks so much E. You are the bestest! And I'm quite happy with the pace we're going at now. I just checked and we're almost at 9,500 views. So not too bad. Thanks again for the help.