Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red October

So much going on, and it's October as well. Thankfully we've been able to take the time to enjoy the October/Halloween activities. Visited some Haunts, Pumpkin patches, enjoyed the Dixie Classic Fair.

Now we're heading into the final week of October. I'm wishing I was able to attend the Rally To Restore Sanity. Also wish I was able to go see my Rangers play live in the World Series. But I'll settle for the occasional Horror Movie night with my wife as I keep an eye on these great events.

And work as well. Never a time to stop working. Much going on. Working on that Documentary still, working on some reels, and I may be editing a feature film.  Also Monster Cops may have some potential distribution, so the pressure is on to get a few more episodes finished.

And of course there is my beloved REDD. Which I've worked into a feature script, if the money men decide that's the direction they would like to go in. The feedback I've been getting on the footage posted so far has been great. And it seems to be generating exactly the kind of interest I was hoping. If I can create the close to 8 minutes I see in my head, it will definitely be an exciting project to promote.

The feature version of REDD will be even better. But right now I need to be in kind of a zen mode as far as future projects. Expect anything, prepare for everything. There seem to be alot of promising things on the horizon, but I know how that can all change in a heart beat.

We're back to shooting REDD November 8th. Still got a Werewolf to finish for it, as well as the rest of the footage from the ensemble cast.

Ok, I need to shoot a wine commercial now.

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