Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I feel so naked

without my computer. Still using the wife's laptop. My desktop is still being worked on. I will hopefully get it back tomorrow and I can get back to some real work.

Must finish the next MC episode, as well as do some major updates to I have intro videos to upload. And I have to get a DVD copy of this episode to New York by next week. If I don't get to, then I just wasn't meant to screen Monster Cops at the New York Television Festival. I swear I've been trying to get a video to them for the past 3 years. And it's not that I ever got rejected, something always seems to prevent me from even getting in a submission.

I have alot of confidence that this episode will be a better example of what Monster Cops is and could be. I just hope that you all receive it well.

On the fundraising front, a few interested parties, but nothing solid yet. I'm pretty sure everyone is waiting to see the newest episode first, and once I can get that done and out for people to see, we can probably get a bit more movement in getting the funds.

It's a bit harrowing right now, a little scary, and very adventurous. In the end I hope I get the chance to really show my stuff soon.

Hopefully the next time I blog it will be from my desktop.

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