Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Dog Days Are Over

First off I want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes about my brother. He's doing fine.

Second I want to thank Marcellus Suber for helping me out with some post production problems I've been having. Thank you sir everything is working out nicely.

Also want to thank Brandon White for allowing me to use his Canon HF20. That's the camera I've been testing out, and the video above is comprised entirely of all that test footage. It's completely capable of delivering the kind of quality I need to shoot this next feature, and I'm grateful his allowing me to use it.

The video above was shot on Brandon's Canon Vixia HF20. I occasionally used my Kenko Wide Lens. I shot on 30 progressive and then cut and rendered in Sony Vegas Pro 9 to 24p. Tried out Vegas 9's masking tools at the end where I tried to clone both Deanna Kelly and Sarah Vroom. You'll see alot of shaky shots, quick zooms, etc. Wanted to really push the movement, see how it would all look. No scanlines, maybe a small bit of ghosting, but nothing you can't fix in post. Overall I'd probably use this camera to cover alot of static shots. But we shall see. Great camera though.

Technically the Dog Days haven't even begun. Dog Days usually refers to the hottest days in the summer. But the phrase "Dog Days Are Over" usually refers to getting through the toughest phase of something. It's the name of the song I used in the above video, performed by Florence and The Machines. I used it because I thought it went nicely with the first bits of HD footage I was shooting. I had no idea that it would end up really meaning something.

Slowly, carefully we put the pieces together to get to making this movie. I'm in the middle of re-writes. I'll have the official CREEP web site up soon, and I start rehearsals for one of the scenes this week. So things are going smoothly.

For now, I've set up a quick page on my site until the official site launches. Find out more about the plot and our progress there.

Here's a quick log line for the movie: "A gun slinging super sleuth, a cute blonde escape artist, and a guy in a giant teddy bear costume have to solve an ancient mystery and fight vampires."

Sounds like a heck of a plot. I know I'd wanna watch it. ;)


  1. Great video. I like the part with the candy and the movement and how it goes with the music. Glad your bro's okay.

  2. Thank you Alicia. I was obsessing over the candy and the desserts at The Fresh Market. I think I was freaking people out.