Monday, February 8, 2010

I Write Big

Can't help it. I started with a cast list of 7 and now it has grown to 20. Yes, yes, of course I'm going to cut it down. No choice. I'm only going to have a budget of around 7 grand. Although now I'm contemplating going for 10. I mean the key here is to make it look HUGE with an immensely small budget.

Whatever it is, be it 7 or 10 grand, it's gotta look like it's somewhere in the hundreds of thousands.

Yeah, I'm in it right now. That place where I have to somewhat stifle the high concept creativity so I can keep it to no to low budget logistics.

This will be easier if I had an office. Literally, it would be my location, my studio, a place for rehearsals and then a place we would shoot at. And I've only budgeted around 2 grand for it. Wait no $1,500. I went on a budget cutting spree and that's what I ended up with.

Ahhhhhh. I'm driving myself nuts. Mainly with these scenes. Right now I'm trying to achieve these specific scenes, in the right pacing, so I can execute proper character arch, and all under budget.

So I'll cut out the cast completely and I'll use sock puppets. Not that the cast is actually getting paid much up front. This is all about deferred payment baby! But I wouldn't have to feed sock puppets.

Also, I hate pitching the script to everyone before it's done. I know many of you in this production want to know what it's all about, so I'll just say that it's a murder mystery comedy injected with action and horror. And it's got Vampires.

So yeah, it's pretty typical of me.

What is this epic no budget flick called? CREEP

It's called CREEP.

So yeah, it better be a horror movie, right? Well not to worry, it is. Now I go back to finishing this script so we can raise the $15,000. SEE! It went up again.


Ok so if I go through and cut out the gold toilet in my trailer, I think we'll be fine.

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