Saturday, January 2, 2010

Round 1: FIGHT!

It's like a fight, a war almost. The battle to strive to reach those goals. A new year's promise to give you another chance to make this year better than the last.

January 2010 = Round 1

What are we fighting for exactly? Improved income, improved lifestyle, and to make a kick ass bunch of videos and movies that will not only help in achieving those improvements, but to inspire and entertain the world as a whole, and hopefully change things for the better.

I'm excited actually. I really see the previous years as preparations for this one. 2005 I moved here to NC. 2006, 2007 was all about healing and grieving after my wife's mother died. 2008 was about getting back on our feet. 2009 was about solidifying what the goals are and preparing to move towards them. Which brings us to 2010. The move towards those goals.
The ball dropped on the first year of a new decade on the night of a Blue Moon. Sounds magical doesn't it. Like the beginning to what should be a magical and adventurous story. Like Once Upon a Time. Which only makes us all pine for a happily ever after.

Oh, but you gotta fight for it. Work must be done to reach that next level. Gotta climb that hill to get to the top. If you want to succeed you have to rise from your failures. How many more ways can I state this?

Oh I've got a few more.

You gotta drive right if you wanna make it down that freeway of life.

You wanna win it, then you gotta get in it.

No guts, no glory.

No fish, no fowl.

No cheese, no sandwhich.

yeah I lost it.

Bottom line is, there is much work to be done, and I'm ready for it.

Production wise we've still got the same goals:

First up, it's MONSTER COPS. Now that the holidays and hectic schedules have settled down, I have more time to work on our little monster killing web series. I hope to make enough episodes and webisdoes to warrant a pretty nifty DVD to put out. I'm finishing up editing on this next episode and we'll start shooting for the next one and the next few webisodes this month.

REDD. My little Red Riding Hood short. I'm aiming for it to be a mind blowing 5 to 10 minutes. Will start back to work on finishing the Werewolf body and stilts. Already finished the head and hands. Not quite sure when we'll wrap this one up, cuz I'm kind of holding out til I get the new camera in.

BOBBY'S CLOSET. In early pre-production. Going to continue to fill out the official site with art work, may even try to shoot some sample scenes from the script. Not going to go into principal photography til we get the full budget, and we are still fundraising. 53,000 for actual production, and 20 to 40,000 for marketing and distribution. And I don't feel at all comfortable going into it without the money for either. I'm confident we can get the movie out there and make money back as well as raise money for Cancer Charities, as long as we get the full budget. We shall see.

Bobby's Closet was supposed to be a high concept on a low-budget. Something we can make with little money. A million dollar film for less than 100,000. And while I haggle with investors and go out begging for money, I'm still itching to make a truly filmic cinematic feature. So as I was ready to dive into low-budget moviemaking, turns out I'm not quite done with no-budget moviemaking just yet. So this project will only require the new camera, and utilize resources we already have (as per usual.)

Not going to say what it's about, because it is ever evolving. If you recall I wanted to make an Untitled Vampire Movie, then it was a Paranormal Film (which was turned off of when I saw Paranormal Activity), then it was that one about Russian Hookers and Filipino Pimps. Just kidding. Or am I? (muwahahaha)

I'm half way through the script, and I'm very excited about it, but I'm not going to tell anyone about it til it's done and ready to be xeroxed and given to the respective players and crew members. Just know that it's going to take a TON of preparation, and it's going to kick my ass. But it's something I'm confident we can shoot before the fall.

Any other projects will be Video and Commercial work. (Gotta support that green tea habit.)

Oh yes, and I'm working on another screenplay. This one I don't plan on shooting, it's just I've been missing the contest and festival circuit for a while and I kinda wanna throw my hat back in the ring. Came up with a nice concept and I'm writing through it. So many more opportunities and resources for script writer's have developed in the passed decade, why not try em out. Besides I miss getting those rejection letters from Endevour, Paramount, Warner, and Village Roadshow. There must be a ton more companies now that I can get rejected from.

I've been such a script hog for the passed decade. I didn't want to part with any of my scripts for a while, because I was intent on shooting them all. Now I'm wise enough to see that is impossible, so why not let my babies out into the world, let them grow, and evolve into the movies they're meant to be under other filmmakers effort. Or at the very least options that pay up but never get a green light. Dare to dream.

So let the fight begin.

right after I take this nap.

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