Monday, January 11, 2010

Powering Through

First off I'd like to say that Aunt Jemima makes THE WORST WAFFLES in existence.

Secondly, I'm not feeling very well.  And of course I have so much that needs to be worked on NOW.  I've got to knock out scripts and pages out to everyone for REDD and for MONSTER COPS. I need to finish up the Werewolf build and knock out shots for the next couple of Monster Cops Episodes. First I need to knock out this video project that needs to be knocked out ASAP.  A whole lota knocking out needs to be done.

Still searching for a location. I need a studio space or someone's living room that has alot of room. It's hard to concentrate on anything when I'm feeling like this, but I'm hoping I can get past it in the next few days.

Some exciting things transpiring, can't wait to find out how things will work out over the next few weeks as well as the next few months.  Getting in a new camera soon, and hopefully I can get my test shots done when I finally get the Werewolf built.

So much I wish I could go into more detail about, but I don't want to jinx or spoil anything.

Meanwhile, the TV geek in me is anticipating the return of several shows including the start of the final season of LOST.  Do I think they will answer all the questions that they've posed in passed seasons? No. Do I think they're just making it all up as they go along? Yes. Am I excited about the final season? You bet your ass.

I can only hope to produce a show as popular and as intriguing.  I'm hoping I can continue to TRY to produce good stories and entertaining media with Monster Cops.  I've barely touched the surface of what I'm trying to achieve and express with it. Comedy, Horror, Action, Drama, Empathy, Pathos, but mostly Gravitas.

Like I've said before, it's that depth and endearment that helps make all those horrifying, comedic, and action packed elements mean even more. Gravitas is that thing that makes it real, makes it defined, and gives the final product a soul.  I'm inching my way there with Monster Cops, and hopefully will really be able to achieve that with these next few projects, especially with that super secret spectacular and amazing no-budget feature film I'm quietly working on.

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