Thursday, June 11, 2009

80,000 dollars

I'm working out the budget for the next feature film I plan on shooting, and I've whittled it down to about 80 grand. Originally it was at 500,000. Then I cut it down to 350,000.

But due toe certain events in the past week, I was inspired and remembered a few old tricks that would allow me to cut the budget down even further. 80,000 is where I'm at now. Minimal cast (sorta), just enough crew. FX heavy, of course, but that's not a problem for me and some of the folks I know. Jesus, look at what we've done with no money.

So a full fledged effort is underway to raise the money, that started tonight. Looking good so far, in that no one has said no. Granted no one has said yes yet, but we'll work on that. It'll be easier once the script, budget, business plan, cast, crew, and website are all completed. It's Thursday June 11th, and I'm aiming to have the money and be in production by October, if not before the end of the year. A bit ambitious, yes, but this one's got a good vibe to it. If anything we'll be shooting by next spring. I hope to have the full script, budget, business plan, and website in 2 months.

This particular movie is completely separate from Monster Cops. Different feel (sorta), different style. Monster Cops is documentary style and I'm very much married to that particular feel for each episode/short/movie. I'm prepping a script and budget for a new Monster Cops feature film, but it is estimated at 500,000 to 350,000 dollars. Low budget yes, but still alot of money.

This new flick is more of a cinematic style, a full fledged feature film. Estimated at 80,000 dollars, still alot of money, but 80,000 seems alot more possible to raise then 500,000. We shall see. I don't like talking about scripts before they're completed, but I will say that this movie is like (allow me to reference some of my fav movies and tv shows) a combination of Arrested Development, Evil Dead, Weird Science, and The Shawshank Redemption.

Got started on the first Old Spice Commercial tonight. Most of the dialogue and inserts are done. Now we've got to get the monster ready, and then it's all about filling in the action shots. It's going to be alot to cram into a 30 second spot. I'm anxious to edit it all together. Matter of fact I'm loading footage now, and will edit the first bit of it tonight. I've got 2 more to complete, and possibly even a 4th and 5th.

Also did some work on my coveted HHM project. Haven't really told anyone about it. I'll have this particular video and website out for everyone to peruse well before Halloween, most likely in August, preferably in July. Can't wait to get the full project out for people to see.

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