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Dream Dictionary Hail:


A series of misfortunes lie ahead that could place your present goals in jeopardy. Look to the other symbols in the dream to judge which goals they are, or how to avert the misfortunes and save your projects.

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Dream Interpretation
Hail, hailstorm
Hailstorms in the dreams are always a sign of dissatisfaction or a warning about family disputes or material losses. If you got caught in a hailstorm, disputes with your relatives, family members or people around you are inevitable. Observing a hailstorm from a distance signifies material losses in the near future or separation.

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Christian Dream Interpretation Dictionary - Hail
Hail: Soldiers of Christ; wonders; power; judgment that can only come from God; wrath; glory; chastening; to have a barrage of something hit one as an onslaught of something that can be distressing. (Is. 28:17; Hag. 2:17; Rev. 8:7; Ps. 18:12; 147:17; Job 38:22)

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