Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jerry Dandrige is a Vampire

Trying to sort out all these details is kicking my ass. No shoot tomorrow. I really need to take the next two days to do rewrites. Saturday looks clear weather wise so I need to take advantage of it and shoot exteriors. I need to call some folks about interior locations. I need zombie extras. I need to settle all the zombie props and costumes as well as make sure I've got squibs and fx ready to go. And I still have the several other video assignments and projects that need attention.

I need to settle down and relax for a bit, then I'll have a better perspective on things. So I will go cook something nice, and then watch something to calm me down. A Nightmare On Elm Street perhaps. This movie always makes me feel at home. Elm Street, Real Genius, and Fright Night. Yes, I'm from the 80's.

But which shall I choose.

Hmmm. Ya know, I just got back my Fright Night DVD's from a friend who borrowed them for an extended period of time (no hard feelings John, really.) So I will now enjoy Fright Night.

They just don't make em like that anymore, but gimme time I'm working on it. ;)

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