Thursday, February 12, 2009

Putting It All Together

I've been busting my ass trying to submit to as many Video Contests and Assignments as possible. I was pretty successful last year making videos for XLNTADS/Poptent, as well as Metacafe, and ExpoTV. So far this year I've submitted and got Honorable Mention for the Acer Aspire One Netbook Contest. Finished and submitted my ad for Callaway Golf Diablo Promo. Currently I'm working on another Callaway Golf Ad and thinking about Tadcast.

I was working on submitting my Archangel action trailer to Bigstar.TV's Action Short Contest, but it's due this Saturday and I'm a minute short. So I won't be making that one happen.

My apologies to Chris Plouffe. He's been a major supporter of my work and he's lent us the use of his office so many times. The last time we shot we ended up breaking his window. We were going to fix it, but apparently it wasn't fast enough for the owners. They've told him to move out by next week. Chris, I am immensely sorry we got you kicked out of your office. Indie Movies successfully destroys yet another location. Again, so sorry Chris. I feel bad about it.

I am working on those contests above as well as others. Also writing a couple of shorts and working out a possible feature. And as usual, I've been working on my baby, MONSTER COPS.

The main goal as it stands is to just keep producing as many shorts (5 minutes of less) and episodes (10 minutes or more) posting them at, and just continue to get the word out about it as I try to get my vision for it produced. I feel strongly about it, and if I had the right budget I know I could produce an amazing feature film out of it AND get it distributed.

I've got the entire process and agenda mapped out on how to produce, distribute, and market a feature film for less than $400,000 and make the money back. So lemme just pull that out of my ass and we can get to work on it. But seriously, I know it's a rough economic landscape right now, but I also know I still see alot of people out there still spending money. Perhaps raising money for an indie film may not seem feasible, but I know it's possible. But all I can do right now is work on making as great as I possibly can. Keep producing good material, getting it out in front of people, and hoping that people like what they see and will want more. Like old Harry Anderson use to say:

If you give em a good enough show, the people will be more than happy to pay the price of admission.

So that's where I'm at right now. Working the day job, working on making more videos for money, and working on Monster Cops. So far so good.

Here's the semi-new intro for Monster Cops. It's actually the old vid recut to include some new shots and old clips from The Midnight Special. To me it's a little bit closer to what I see Monster Cops as. Action, Horror, RealityTV, mixed with Comedy. I'm hoping to achieve more and more of those things with each short and episode.

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