Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here's my video for the Callaway Golf Promotion. They're trying to promote their new driver called the Big Bertha DIABLO.

They wanted to stick with the theme of "Release Your Inner Diablo." So I decided to take it literally. I immediately thought of an Exorcism scene, capped off with a cheesy punchline.

Irreverent? Yes. Corny? Most definitely. But I just had to see how it would turn out. Chris Plouffe as the Priest, Sarah Vroom as the possessed girl, and me, Patrick as the corny looking Monk at the end. Additional production help from Brandon White, Richard Gaither, and Darrin Chamberlin on lights, wind, and paper.

The actual words of the exorcism were mostly taken from a Supernatural episode with a few words thrown in from Chris.

I am quite proud of the opening shot of the skyline with clouds and lightning. Those were two public domain photos, one of Long Beach, the other of a cloudy sky. I animated them using Sony Vegas. The final shot of the golf club was a still of the Diablo club cut out using After Effects and placed on video of papers being dropped on the floor. Lightning and pan and crop done in Sony Vegas.

We'll see if it goes anywhere, but as always, it was fun to do, which makes it worth it either way.

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