Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monster Cops: Tree Hugger

Yet another short webisode for This time Bryce "encounters" a tree. 3 min 35 sec.

The footage of Bryce (Mark Tabije) was shot years ago on a night a certain special fx guy did not show up. We improvised a few scenes instead. The footage of Cutter and Windows (me and Chris Plouffe) was shot just last week. Really trying to combine both Texas and North Carolina casts. Alot of what Mark did was improv'd with a little bit of directing from me. For the most part this is all do to Mark just being a really funny guy. I also like the way Chris says "He has good form."

Coming up. More short Webisodes but this time it would be nice to actually include a few MONSTERS to go with our comical cops. Wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Keep up with your doing. Your dreams can come true.