Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Night With Conan O'brien

I have totally missed Conan's last week. But thankfully I've been able to catch up with it on

I remember the very first episode of Late Night without David Letterman with a then unknown Conan. I remember how odd it felt not having Johnny Carson around, Leno taking over, Letterman leaving for CBS, and Late Night being hosted by some guy named Conan I had never even heard of before. It was like my world was being rearranged. I had grown up with the late night schedule of Carson then Letterman. Seeing it change in such a weird way was just mind blowing. Conan eventually became my favorite in late night.

I have my reservations about Jimmy Fallon. I think he has great potential, for both greatness and for mediocrity. He's made me laugh so many times in the past, but just as many times he's displayed an irritating immaturity to his craft. The last few years of SNL were filled with flubbed lines and breaking character. Nothing was more annoying than a Jimmy Fallon / Horatio Sanz sketch. You knew they were going to screw it up some how. I can only hope that we can see the great side of Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. If Timberlake can make a surprise appearance and they can do The Barry Gibb Talk Show, then I'll be alright with it.

I am going to miss Conan in New York. Had this specific feel to it that was quite classy. New York feels different from L.A. But then again The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson had this classy feel to it. With Conan taking over, maybe we can finally get rid of that cheesy mediocre atmosphere from Leno's Tonight Show, and bring it back to something substantial, and actually funny.

Here's a segment from Late Night with Conan that I absolutely love. It had me in tears. Let's hope The Tonight Show will be as good if not better. I'm sure it will.

EDIT: (March 2nd) Just got done watching the entire last episode of Late Night with Conan. I nearly teared up at the end with everything Conan had to say. Really felt it. And now there is no doubt that The Tonight Show will be amazing.

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