Friday, October 31, 2008

Chad Hates Aliens

So the Halloween celebration has begun. How am I going to celebrate Halloween? I must be doing something amazing seeing as how I'm such a big halloween freak right? Well I am doing something immensely amazing. I'm going to work tonight.

I've actually been celebrating Halloween for the past few months. It kind of feels that way when you're working on Monster Cops. Today we watched some scary videos, Ghosthunters, Supernatural, bought some Halloween decor and put it all up. For the past few years we've always been just so busy that we couldn't celebrate Halloween the way we truely wanted to. Have a party, get dressed up, go to Haunted Houses, make Halloween Themed Goodies, go all out on the decorations. We're just not there yet. So it's all about the little things. A scary movie here, a few pumpkin lights there. And the main thing for me is to make a Halloween Tribute Video.

I always feel the need to do something special to mark the Halloween occasions, and the best thing I know to do is make a video of some sort. Something I've done for years since I wasa kid. I've always had the video camera out, during trick or treating, or tried to sneak it in to Haunted Houses, always trying to capture that Halloween Spirit as it was happening.

In 2005 I made my HALLOWEEN NERD video. It's right after I had just moved to NC and I needed to do something to not just celebrate Halloween but to make myself feel at home. It was a basic compilation of the little things me and my wife did for Halloween as well as a few observations on the holiday itself. In 2006 I didn't make one although I had planned to. Juli's Mom would pass away that year and the thought of celebrating anything at all was far from out minds. 2007 was still a time of healing as we marked the anniversary of Brenda's death, so the idea of celebrating Halloween just wasn't there either.

Now it's 2008, and I think we're ready to celebrate Halloween again, but of course the time and the money just aren't there. But I am going to make a video. Right now it's called THE LONG HALLOWEEN, and it will be similar in fashion to the 2005 Halloween Nerd video. A sort of video essay on what Hallloween means to me, the little ways we celebrate it, and how sometimes for the die hards that celebration doesn't ever really end.

Of course I'll be shooting and editing well past Halloween so it'll probably be done just after Halloween, but it's something I have to do, for me, and for that Halloween Bug that bites me every so often.

So until MY Halloween Video is ready, I think I'll just post random vids in the Halloween Spirit. This one is definitely a fav, it's Hilarious! And it definitely has that Monster Cops feel to it. Awesome!


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