Monday, August 18, 2008

Still Obeying The Master

It's been a while now since I've received the winnings from the HandK contest. The video ended up being showcased on Even got a great comment from one of the directors of HandK, Jon Hurwitz. Eventually the video would be one of the winners in both phases of the contest. I'm blown away. I made a simple tutorial on metacafe about making a rose out of a napkin. That video has also gone on to make a bit of money. I think about that paper rose video and this Obey The Master video, and I'm blown away by the idea that one can make money by making stuff out of paper, animating a Unicorn's head, and whispering odd quotes about punching a hamster. Cool. Odd, but cool.

I still continue to recieve messages and comments on youtube about the Obey The Master video, all of them talking about how much they love the video. And I am so very flattered. Didn't realize what would take me only one night to make and submit would reap me such great rewards and comments. So, thanks to everyone for their kindness. I'm glad my odd sense of humor paid off for something. And as strange a video as it is, I am quite proud of it.

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