Thursday, July 24, 2008

Halloween In July

I've always been a big fan of Halloween. And you already know this if you've seen my Halloween Nerd Vlog above. But I have to say that the past few years haven't been keeping me in that old Halloween spirit. Until today that is. Honestly it started with an email from an old friend from highschool I read a few days ago. She and I always shared the same kind of enthusiasm for Halloween. So reading her email made me a bit sad because I haven't really felt that old Halloween spirit in a while. It all came rushing back though. I decided to go to AC Moore. And yesterday all of a sudden felt like fall for a bit. The cold front, the clouds, felt very refreshing. Then I stepped into AC Moore and saw that they actually had their Halloween stuff out, right as you walk into the store.

So, of course, I took some pics.

Yes I'm fairly certain a few folks were disturbed by the stalk filipino gentleman enthusiastically taking pictures of Halloween decorations with his camera phone.

I'm pretty sure that my Halloween mood was preset by the fact that I had just bought The Dark Knight soundtrack and had been listening to it in the car all day.

So let's see. Projects to work on, working on Monster Cops: Dead By Dawn. Simultaneously will be working on a mock trailer for a movie called Archangel. I think I'll have to find time to fit in a new Halloween Video this year.

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