Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Stage June

To my surprise both BROKEBACK DINOSAUR and WOLF HUNT are in the top ten in the quarter finals in the Our Stage monthly contest. BROKEBACK DINOSAUR is in the COMEDY category and WOLF HUNT is in the SHORT FILMS category.

So if you don't mind, we sure could use the exposure, especially for Monster Cops and the Wolf Hunt scene.

If you're not familiar with Our Stage then find out more here:

Now you can click on the banners below in order to see the video, then click JUDGE at the top to start watching and judging videos in that particular category. If you don't mind, try to vote favorably for Brokeback Dinosaur or Wolf Hunt. And I'm tellin ya, this is a great time killer.

We've gotta get to and stay at Number 1 in either category through July 1st to win.

Wolf Hunt, by Patrick A. Prejusa on OurStage

Brokeback Dinosaur, by Patrick A. Prejusa on OurStage

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