Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

It's just been week after week of heart breaking shock. One of the true kings of comedy, George Carlin has passed away.

I am truely and honestly in shock.

He was one of the first comedians that I ever really learned from. He pioneered what I call smart comedy. He took filthy words to an entirely new level without having to dumb down his material. He always took it to a higher level and was never afraid to speak his mind or call it as he saw it.

Carlin on White People

Critical Thinking

Things You Never See

Back In Town

Thank you Mr. Carlin. Thank you for your timing, your mind, your courage, your honesty, and for showing comedians everywhere how to take our comedy to a higher level. You are missed.

Comedian George Carlin dies at 71.

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