Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monster Research Pics

Yesterday was working on Monsters day. I had started building the frame work for a particular creature, and went out and bought materials for another. The episode itself features mainly Zombies, Vampires, and a Werewolf, but these other creatures I'm trying to include will be featured in the intro and as inserts throughout the show. I'm trying to convey that Shadow Company deals with monsters of all kinds, therefore really establishing the size and variety of this particular universe.

I also spent sometime at Barnes and Noble today. I found myself thumbing through magazines, Fangoria, Gorezone, Horror Hound, as well as others. What started as perusing became me taking pictures with my cam phone everytime I saw an image that intrigued me. A few of these were images from ads for merchandise of T-shirts. I do recognize one image from a retro horror flick from back in the day called RETRIBUTION (creeped me out as a kid).

Mainly these are images that somewhat express the style and structure of some of the creatures the Monster Cops go up against.

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