Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As of posting this banner. We are in 10th place. Wow!

Monster Cops: The Midnight Special TRAILER, by onespartan on OurStage

It's been a roller coaster ride. We were in 9th when the quarter finals started. Then for the past few days we've fluctuated from 9th to 2nd to 6th to 1st and now 10th. Which is scary because we need to stay in the top 10 to make it to Wednesday (Tuesday at midnight).

It's a great time killer. Just log in and judge videos.

So if you please, help us out and judge. Tell everyone else to judge. Just click on the banner and click judge. Keep us in the top 10.

I'm serisouly too concerned about this. But being that it seems like such a possibility that we might win and how we actually got to number one last time, I can't help but wanna TRY to win this. Just TRY to get the word out and get people to register and judge. I really feel like I'd be missing out on an opportunity if I didn't try.

So please spread the word and help us get up there.

EDIT: I just looked again and now it says 9th. I actually said outloud, "Thank God!" As if I were falling towards hell and Satan was snapping at my heels, and now an angel has pulled me up to 9th place. LMFAO!!! I'm too into this.

Some one asked me the other day if I thought $5,000.00 would really be any help to me.

YES IT WOULD! Are you crazy? Of course $5,000.00 would be a help to me. It would be a huge help. What idiot would look at $5,000.00 and go "Pff, whatever!" and then walk away?

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