Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No doubt the precogs have already seen this

I remember when motion sensors were built in to specific games soon after Game Works was introduced at the Grapevine Mills mall. You could move around and control the dinos in that game where dinos fight other dinos. I remember getting a little excited about that, but then losing interest when I realized that you didn't actually have to move your body, you could just wiggle your finger and control the game. And even that wasn't even any form of precise control. Still a fascinating idea.

I like the idea of physical interactivity with technology (that sounds bad). I like Dance Dance Revolution (Although I suck at it). I like that you're doing more than just sitting on your ass and hitting buttons. I like the concept of Nintendo's Wii. Something I have yet to try, but am anxious to give a shot. But beyond gaming my obsessions lie closer to the realm of moviemaking (duh). So as far as physically interacting with technology (I need to quit saying that), you bet your ass I found the technology in MINORITY REPORT mind blowing.

Not only did I love the plot, the direction, the music, the movie itself, but seeing Tom Cruise's character manipulate those images in that fashion was a HUGE bonus. I thought, "That's exactly how I want to edit a movie." I mean I tend to get very physical when I'm creatively passionate (or is that passionately creative?), I'm in the middle of writing or editing and I have to get up and move around. I get excited about an idea and I have to pace or dance or wave my arms around. And how cool would it be to express myself physically while editing a movie. To be able to physically grab an image with my hand and place it right where I want it.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't already heard, that technology is coming. Check out what Microsoft has unveiled last month in this video from popular mechanics.


Pretty cool huh?

I now know what the walls of my dream house will look like. All we have to do now is wait for the comercial availability of something more than just a coffee table, give us gloves to put on that allow us to manipulate images and video from a distance, and I'll be all set. I would be able to edit where ever I wanted in my house and my wife would constantly be changing the wall paper.

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