Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Funny Or Die

I'm loving these new rash of sites that are forcing you to choose between the good videos and the crap. I love Youtube and all, but since they accept everything submitted you have to dig through alot of crap to find what you're looking for, or to even find something decent.

Especially when digging for comedy, you have to put up with someone doing a horrible stand up comedy routine with bad sound in the attic of their parents house, and you happen to stumble across it because they had the nerve to tag their video as comedy, funny, or humorous.

Well, enter Funny Or Die. Which some of you may already know about. Will Ferrell's and Adam McKay's FUNNYORDIE.COM. A site in which you watch a video and you must rate it at the end, is it FUNNY? Or should it DIE? Why do I bring this up? Because I have posted our beloved Dinosaur Killers 3000: Music Mountain, on the website. I submit it to you here for your consideration. Is it funny? Or should it die? I'm proud to say that since submitting the video last night we've gotten fairly high ratings. Yay!

Another site that is currently running something similar, but not really, is OURSTAGE.COM. Here you can choose a category where you can watch music videos or comedy videos or other videos for you to vote on. Choose to "JUDGE", pick a category to judge, and then they will give you two videos to watch. Once you've watched at least 30 seconds of each video you have to choose which one is better, and by how much, as explained above the two videos. They give you 30 seconds for each video, because alot of the videos submitted you'll only be able to stand for that long.

I have submitted THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Trailer under the COMEDY Category, and out of 139 or so vids in that category, I am proud to say that we are 3rd for this months contest. Every month winners receive a cash prize, so help us out if you can. Lord knows I'd be putting that money right back into advertising for The Midnight Special. Click this link:

Make sure you've selected COMEDY as the "channel" and start watching videos. What sucks is you can't just go directly to the video and rate it, you have to go through the videos they send you and choose the best, so if you decide to watch for our video, you'll have to judge two videos at a time until you get to ours. At the same time it's a great way for each video to get seen and judged.

When you do come to The Midnight Special Trailer, if the video opposite us happens to be, in your opinion, better then our trailer, then by all means, please vote their video as the best. Other indie moviemakers are out there busting their asses getting these videos out and they deserve due credit for that. The spirit of is to bring the best videos to the winners circle. If it's us, then great. If it's someone else, great as well, just as long as it's someone who worked hard and really did have a great video.

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