Wednesday, January 31, 2007

9:00 am

And I still haven't gone to bed yet. Why? Because I'm obsessed with movie marketing and self distribution.

My father has made a full recovery. So now that I can breath a little easier about that, I can continue to pester myself about details on the current front.

Just a few notes. As soon as I go to sleep, I'll have to get up 6 hours after that to run errands. Good things it's my day off. Also have to settle a few details, but it looks like maybe hopefully possibly we've got a lead on a screening here in Winston Salem, NC. for The Midnight Special. We shall see how and if it happens. Hopefully today also marks the day I get to actually begin to work on updating some videos and the sites. This means new trailers for TMS and a ton of footage that's begging to be turned into two video blogs and DVD extras for TMS. We are also one step closer to bringing TMS to DVD. After today I'll know for sure if it's going to be March or April for a release date. And we begin the process of platform theatrical releases and screenings. But more on that later.

A couple of notes as far as marketing is concerned. I'm taking a few notes from and

Hey look. A bed.

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