Saturday, January 12, 2013


In an attempt to get things organized I've decided to start another blog.  This blog (onespartan) will remain more about personal matters with the occasional update on life matters and filmmaking.

This NEW blog ( Will concentrate on my adventures in moviemaking, talk about filmmaking techniques, DIY tutorials, as well as post about moviemaking of all kinds from all movies. will most likely become the actual site. Since I've just been unsatisfied with the actual site I built for

I want the new blog to be a place where I can really get into detail about the projects we're working on as well as cover and create tutorials on alot of our no-budget low budget techniques.

So feel free to head on over to the new blog to keep up with the bad assery that is WTW's DIY Moviemaking Techniques as well as posts about moviemaking, special fx, and general movie love.

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