Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exclusively For You

That was the title of the email I got from my friend Julie Keels. She got hacked and that email was actually from a spammer. The contents suggesting a link to affordable Viagra.

I emailed her back to let her know that I thought she had been hacked, or she was really suggesting I needed viagra. She responded letting me know she knew, and that she figured that I didn't need any viagra.

And it was because of a piece of spam email that started the last conversation I would ever have with Julie Keels. I told her about REDD and about how I needed her talents as my usual set photographer. She was excited to work with me again, and thought the project looked good.

Her last email to me said, "Can you call me?"

I never got a chance to. And I regret that I didn't.

The next morning she would wreck her car. Her Ford Explorer flipping over and then hitting a telephone pole. She flew out the windshield. She would remain in critical condition at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital suffering from many injuries.

She passed away earlier this evening.

My love, and positivity, and support goes to her loving family who was there with her when she passed. As crappy and sad as it may sound, that is actually a very precious thing. To be surrounded by people who love you, and to be with the ones you love when they pass on. I speak from experience.

Special thanks to our mutual friend Alexis Dehart Stephens. She was the one who really got everything together to inform all of Julie's friends about the accident. She even formed a Facebook page that was very informative and useful to all of us who care for Julie.

She was not only my set photographer, model, actress, and production crew member, she was my friend, and I will miss her.

Julie Keels played model for me in an Ad I shot for a Hoodie Commercial. The footage of her was so awesome I threw the unused footage together in a quick music video.

I'll miss our long enduring talks about film, and how easy it was for me to make you laugh. You were one of the people that believed in me and my supposed talents. I think you understood what I was going for, what my goals are, and what it meant to me to try to make truly great movies. It was my pleasure to work with you, talk with you, laugh with you, and be friends with you.

I'm sorry I didn't call you.

Photos by Julie Keels

Thank you for being there for me and for believing in me.


  1. Thank you Patrick! She was a truly amazing peron and kind and vibrant soul. You always made her smile.

  2. She made me smile as well. And thank you Alexis. So awesome of you to keep us all informed. We need to get together sometime. I miss your face.

  3. I'm so sorry to read that, Patrick. I remember watching that video and thinking she was so pretty and sweet looking. I know she must have been a gem to everyone she was blessed to have known.

    Blessings to her family and friends.

    ~ E

  4. Thanks E. She truly was a gem.

  5. I am so sorry for you. I was also a great friend of hers and she will forever live in our hearts.