Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Thanks to those who messaged me. I never really think that anyone reads this blog, so I didn't think about worrying some folks by posting about going to the ER.

All is well. Me and my wife were at the ER for her Grandfather. He was having heart trouble, but all is well now. He's back home, and doing alright.

Updated Blog post over at  Things are going as well as can be expected with REDD. Reached a first cut of the first 4 minutes. I'm going back and forth between amazed and dissatisfied.  We'll see where we're at when I finally get the full project up online.

Other than that, not much else going on. Need to make some movement on Monster Cops, but not sure when that will be. Right now my brain is really on just getting the REDD short finished and to it's full potential online, get the fundraising going on that as a feature, possibly on Kickstarter, and then get going on the first steps on raising money offline.

In order to do any of this I need to put together a package. Which consists of:

1) Video Example. Done, well almost. The short will serve as an example of what the feature will look and feel like.
2) Finished Screenplay. Can't have a movie without a script. Well, you can, it just wouldn't be prudent.
3) Cast and Crew. The more assets we have in place the better. Show that you've got your team in place ready to go. Is there anybody that's going to star in this that will help sell the movie?
4) Distribution. Prove this is going somewhere and has the potential to make money back.
5) Budget and Earnings. What do you need the money for? And how exactly do you plan on making it back? And how much?

So I'm getting a head start on the new year.

There are two projects I'm editing right now. One is REDD the other one is a video collage of pictures and video of my niece Brelyn and nephew Ezra.  It's always good to brush up on your editing skills by taking the time to make something for someone else.  It's of course not a professional project, but I try to treat it as so. Everything is practice.

One of the bits I'm excited about showing off is the concept of some of the weapons technology REDD uses. Especially the Trigun.  If you don't want to be spoiled before you see the short then don't watch this video.

It's very short and it's basically how the entire short ends. Well, so far.


Merry Christmas folks. And in case I don't get to tell ya, Happy New Year.


  1. REDD looks like an AMAZING short film :) Cool plot! So glad you were able to find stunt doubles, too.

    ~ E

  2. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I certainly hope it doesn't disappoint.