Sunday, November 28, 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen

My wife came running into the room to tell me the news. Leslie Nielsen had passed. After doing the intial Tweet and Facebook RIPS and how much I was sad to hear about this. I of course started on YouTube to find my fav videos of Police Squad.

I am very sad to hear of his passing, but right now, I'm in a terribly good mood, laughing my ass off watching these bits from Police Squad.

Not many know about Police Squad, the show lasted only 6 episodes, but later would hit the big screen in a little known series of movies called The Naked Gun.

This show was from the makers of Airplane, another great Leslie Nielsen comedy. The team of Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, David Zucker, and Pat Proft would go on to produce some of my favorite comedies, but for me, it all started with Police Squad.

The Intro to each show was the same. Note the recurring joke about Rex Hamilton as Lincoln. And they always introduced and killed a special guest star. But since they die in the credits, they never actually appear in the show. I love how everyone is shooting a gun, including lincoln, and the announcer always introduced the episode title, but is the complete opposite of what's shown.

Special Guest star Lorne Green

My favorite one with William Shatner

And the end credits were always the best. Always a "fake" pause as a joke ensued and the credits rolled. Here's a video that features all of them. My favorite is the monkey at 2:28.

Of course, Leslie Nielsen delivered one of the greatest comedy lines of all time.

Leslie Nielsen was of course a brilliant comic actor, but he was in general a very good actor of all sorts. He played a great villain in Creepshow, as well as a great victim.

You made me laugh my ass off more than once and you will be greatly missed Mr. Nielsen.

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