Friday, June 11, 2010


Above is probably the last Vlog I'll be able to do before time runs out on Kickstarter. Right now I'm trying to get this commercial finished that's due Monday.

I would love to go into detail about what I've been through these last few days. But I am entirely too tired. Just know that it's been an adventure, and now I continue on that adventure as I try to get this project finished before Monday.

Depending on what happens with Kickstarter, I'll probably be starting up IndieGoGo next week, as well as really pushing some of our options for funding. I need to know where I stand so I can figure out which direction to take with Monster Cops and what major projects I'll be working on in general.


It's times like these I need to really appreciate what I've got. It's been a rough ride this week, and I am so very thankful for many, many things. I am very thankful for the support that I have, for friends I can count on, as well as for car air conditioning, bread, housing, electricity, showers, computers, hard drives especially 1TB hard drives, Poptent, screen doors, band aids, salad, Lincoln Navigators, teddy bears, crappy tripods, demos, Dai Green, 3 Chip Cameras, 12mbp Cameras, Basketball, Celtics!!!!, Sly, Emails, Cell phones (even when they suck), Kickstarter (even if we don't make our goal), the US Military and those serving our country, COPS (both the show and actual Officers), thumbs (cuz they come in handy), brussel sprouts, Jena Haze, self checkout lines, Sara Bareilles, hearts of romaine, Reggie Watts, sandwiches, laptops, razors, my health, my wife, my life.

There's alot more, but this is basically me vomitting words onto a blog to somewhat describe this week as I am too damn tired to actually blog about it. I call it Puke Blogging or Plogging.

Ew. That sounds kinda gross. Like something you do to a toilet.

Ok, back into the grind.

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