Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Believe In Indy Mogul

Indy Mogul is an online company that specializes in bringing you web videos and content dedicated to all things movies, especially moviemaking. Their flagship show is called BACK YARD FX. It's a weekly series where they show you how to create movie fx on an extremely low budget.

I've always loved the show and the very spirit of it. They did alot of tutorials on props and fx, much of which I myself had attempted before, and much of which I had never even thought of. It was nice to see someone put it all together in a 5 to 6 minute web series, where everything was explained properly and entertainingly so others may try to accomplish great fx on their own no budget movies. Shows like Backyard FX gave alot of wannabe, trying-to-be, and trying-to-be-better movie makers a chance to really make something great.

Erik Beck is both the founder of Indy Mogul and host of Back Yard FX. About a month and a half ago he had announced that he would be stepping down as host, in order to concentrate on improving the now very popular Indy Mogul. And thus a campaign would be set forth to find a new host for Back Yard FX. This person would need to submit a video that would show that they could do what Erik Beck had done every week for 3 years. Make a video explaining how to create a special effect or prop and then show how that effect or prop could be used in a test film.

As some of you know, I've been doing this for a while. I've always tried to create vlogs to detail exactly what it is I'm working on for different projects. Working on Monster Cops has been all about creating things for little to no money. The MKX300 Weapon which I made out of orange juice bottles, the Werewolf I'm currently building out of cardboard, and many, many others.  I decided to take my Necronomicon tutorial and cut it into an Back Yard FX video complete with a test film which I shot with the help of Ron Rice and Sterling Bollinger. I submitted it a few weeks ago.

I got an email from Erik Beck today telling me they're going to start showing some of the best video submissions, and they're starting WITH MINE!!!!! Also he thought my video was awesome and thought the test film was funny. How cool is that!?

They aired it on Indy Mogul and they put it on their YouTube Channel. And I gotta say, I am totally overwhelmed by such an amazing response from people. I was a little sick while I was working on the video, so I had cut some corners. Didn't use the external mics, didn't use ALL the lights, plus I was a bit pressed for time what with the day job and all. So I did the best in the condition I was in, but I knew I could've done SOOO much better. But I've been getting amazing messages and comments from alot of people. All of them impressed with the video and with me and I am totally humbled by this.

It's been a long day, and definitely it's been a long first month and a half of the year, so it was nice to get some positive feedback. Everyone's been so amazing. Even with my terrible little camera, and the mediocre compression on the upload. I was thinking the whole time I really need to upload in a higher quality, really wasn't expecting they would re-upload it to YouTube. But hey, it's watchable.

So here's the episode which they've decided to air on Indy Mogul and on YouTube:

Special thanks to Ron Rice and Sterling Bollinger for helping me out with the test film, excellent job guys! Even if I don't get picked for the job, it's always a blast to work on any video project, and definitely more so for Indy Mogul. Thank you to the great Erik Beck for the opportunity.

Now, I spend this week working on that giant Werewolf, which you can see my progress on at The REDD page.

I inch towards finishing up Monster Cops stuff, including the series proposal, so hopefully the money men will bless us with an actual budget to make more of this ...

Then there's the all important feature film that we will shoot this summer.

Much more on that later.