Sunday, November 22, 2009

After Midnight

Can't sleep. Late night snack. Walnuts and grapes.

Also feel the need to blog about what I've done since my last post.

Built a werewolf head, and just completed the prosthetic hands tonight.

Fixed and readjusted my DIY camera crane and Jib. Most of it made from cardboard poster tubes, duck tape, and magic. ;) Everything's going fine so far. I feel like if I can get the Werewolf costume to look more than decent, we'll have a solid shot at doing something extremely high concept. Also, it would be nice to have a giant Werewolf on hand for Monster Cops.

I've got script pages to write and re-write. Packages to send off, and somewhere in there I need to make time to workout.

I feel I've got quite a bit done. Let's see if I can continue to be productive.

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