Saturday, July 11, 2009


My Wisdom teeth. Never had em taken out. Every few years it seems like they wanna act up and grow, and give me over all pain.

That is what is happening now.

I am finishing up the final draft of Bobby's Closet, I am starting on the business plan, and planning out the full package, working on vlogs for it, and thinking about the official website, all in an effort to create buzz and start raising money to shoot this massive production .... all while I am in agonizing pain.

Ok, not exactly agonizing. When the ibuprofen wears off it's really just a throbbing ache/annoyance. But enough to be distracting. Good thing is, I am so driven to do this project that it's really not stopping me. But it is putting me in a very serious focused state. And also rather grumpy. I already don't want to do anything but work on Bobby's Closet, and now I'm ready to tear into anybody that stands in my way or distracts me. Which I guess is somewhat of a good thing, unless you're in my way and or distracting me.

I've been doing a lot of research as well. Preparing for the full workflow of producing another feature length film. I remember the struggles of working on my first two features. I remember the pains, and I understand much better now, what pains were necessary and what pains could have been avoided. It's the pains you go through that later give you that wisdom. It's that wisdom that I have now that gives me the confidence to do this project. There's a difference between knowing and REALLY knowing. I've been through this process enough times to know what needs to be done. Bobby's Closet will be made, and love it or hate it, the audience will see it.

Here's a video of Harold Ramis talking about Ghostbuster's 3. Not only is there insight into the anticipated sequel, but good old insight in general. There's wisdom in much of his words. Especially when he talks about making something with REAL people, and how some Hollywood movies start to look the same. What I'm trying to do with BOBBY'S CLOSET is to make something real that you can grab on to. To make something that doesn't look or feel like everything else. I'm trying to make something magical, amazing, adventurous, and overall with a true sense of REAL human emotion. Not another fx heavy blur of a project. Something the audience can REALLY connect with.

Thank you Mr. Ramis. Thank you for the Wisdom.

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