Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Raining In Indian Wells

These are the times that try men's souls. But hey, when is it not. Interesting week, tiring week, A very funny week. It's the stuff comedies are made of.

I haven't had time to workout, not getting enough sleep, not getting a refund, we've gotta pay taxes instead, just got our medical bill and it's HUGE (that's what she said). But it is not without a few revelations and insights. I'll keep that close to the vest. What's a roller coaster ride if there ain't no ups and downs, right?

As for the taxes bit, that's due to my earnings from my video work last year. Because of that, I'm rather proud to pay. Means I was making a decent living doing what I love and I refuse to feel bad about that. I see it as a great sign, and has inspired a whole new tutorial on the ins and outs of being a video/movie maker.

Main idea, save all your receipts. Anything and everything you've had to pay for to help you make your product, I don't care if it's paper clips or your camera. Save those receipts. It'll help you later if you end up making a good chunk of money from your production. The more receipts you can itemize, the better chances you'll get a decent return.

My problem last year is that I got entirely too good at making videos for nothing. I had no receipts for anything because I didn't need anything to make the product. The only thing I needed was my computer. The computer I was using at the time I had for about 6 years, and I did not have the receipt for it. I now have a new computer and you bet your ass I have the receipt for it.

All the productions that I've worked on that will make money this year, I have the receipts for, all organized according to which production and what it was used for. I bought fur for a Werewolf, receipt saved. I bought a hard drive to hold footage, receipt saved. Anything and everything used for production, video tape, microphones, pizza, beverages, extensions cord, hand cuffs, hookers, blow. You name it, I saved for it. (That last bit was a joke, by the way.)

Other updates:

- Added some of my music to

- Bluray is the work of the Devil.

- Updated the about section at

- Working on my Flappy Dog commercial.

- Planning a huge Zombie Shoot. HUGE (that's what she said)

- I need to stop saying and typing "that's what she said." But it's so hard. (that's what she said)

- Monster Cops: Shadow Company will be screening at Horror Fest in Denver, Colorado in April. Yay!!!!

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